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Fused Glass Designs by Mary's Contemporary Creations‚Äč

Mary's Contemporary Creations

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Welcome to my website gallery of fused glass.  Inside you will find wall art, functional ware and gift items.

Due to the fact that these are one of a kind items, this is just a sample of items available for purchase.

A list of events I will be attending this year is included on the site along with a list of shops and galleries that carry my items.

Fused glass is a process of using a kiln to join together pieces of glass.  At high temperature (1500 degrees Fahrenheit) two or more pieces of glass will fuse together,  Cooled properly, the resulting fused glass piece will be solid and unbroken.  The next step in the process is "slumping" or forming the solid shape into or over a mold to produce the desired effect or shape.  This step is also performed in the kiln but at a lower temperature under controlled conditions.  Additional cold working steps maybe required to finish the art glass into an objects that sparkle and captivate.  

Custom orders always welcome!